1. Can I try the product before purchasing it?

Yes. Our product is sold as "try-before-you-buy" software. You can evaluate it for 30 days for free and verify MusicFab in full functionality.

Each service allows you to download 3 songs during the free trial period. Please download and install MusicFab at https://musicfab.org/download.htm to have a try.

  1. Which service does MusicFab support now?

Currently, 10 streaming servcies are supported, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, YouTube Music, Audible, SoundCloud, LINE MUSIC, and dhits, more are to be supported in the future.

  1. How to use MusicFab?

Take the Amazon Music Downloader for example:

  • Open MusicFab and select Amazon Music Downloader.
  • Choose and play a single song, playlist or album you like. MusicFab will automatically start analyzing the song.
  • At the analysis pop-up window, select the songs and output format and click Download Now.
  • Wait as the download progresses.
  1. What if the Check for Update doesn't work or if I upgrade MusicFab but it fails?

You can click https://musicfab.org/download.htm to directly download and install the latest version of MusicFab to get an update.

  1. Do I need to subscribe to the service before downloading music from MusicFab?

For most music streaming services, yes. However, there are free streaming services that allow users to stream for free, in that case, MusicFab does not require a streaming account either.

  1. Does downloaded music support saving lyrics?

Yes. MusicFab can download and save the lyrics.

  1. Can the downloaded music only be played within your software?

Music downloaded via MusicFab are DRM-free, which means, you can play then on any device you want, completely offline without any restrictions.


  1. What are the output formats of MusicFab?


EAC3/Atmos, 360° Audio (extra for Amazon Music)

  1. Does the downloaded music contain ads?

No. The output files downloaded by MusicFab are totally ads-free, no matter what streaming account you have, ad-free or ad-supported tier.

  1. Is there any download limit every day?

Each authorized MusicFab account (not license) has a daily download quota of 300 from each supported streaming service.

This prevents the account from being blocked by the streaming providers. The quota count resets every day at 00:00:00, and is shared between multiple PCs using the same authorized account.

  1. How to delete the task queue?

Please delete the folder "taskdata" at C:\Users\xxx\Documents\MusicFab\MusicFab\taskdata

  1. What should I do if I cannot log into Amazon Music?

Please delete these two folders and then run MusicFab to try again to see if this helps:



  1. Why MusicFab sometimes fails at downloading certain music?

Please first make sure you can play back the music in your own browser.

If you still have a problem, please contact us at https://musicfab.org/support.htm and specify the links to the music you have problems with, and send the latest MusicFab.log for troubleshooting.

The default location for log file is:


  1. Does MusicFab support downloading native formats?

Yes, of course, you can choose to download original format or other formats per your needs. It's just a simple settings change away.

  1. Is your software safe to use?

Yes, our software is 100% safe & clean, there is no need to worry about this.