MusicFab is delighted to provide our software to individuals who submit a review or promote our products on the social platforms. This unique opportunity is intended for anyone who is interested in streaming music converting.

How to participate in this activity to get a free license?

So, how can you participate in this exciting venture and bag yourself a 30-day free license of our product? It’s simple! You can either create a grateful post on any social media platform about your experience using our product.

Once you have finished the task, you can contact us via the Contact page with the subject of "Review for Free License" along with the link or screenshot of your work, which product you would like to get, the product version (Win or Mac) and the email account you want be authorized to get the free license. Our team will deal with your request and authorize your account within 2-4 business days if it meets all requirements described below.

(1)YouTube Video Review

You can choose to create a video review if you are better at making videos. Your video could be, but not limited to sharing your user experience of our software or crafting a specific how-to guide.


  • The video length should be at least 60 seconds;
  • Make sure your video posts are not removed;
  • Must contain at least one hyperlink that directs to our site.

(2)Website Review

Sites to write a review:

  • (search the keyword for MusicFab)
  • (search the keyword for MusicFab)
  • (search the keyword for MusicFab)
  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn (1000+ followers)
  • (100+ followers)
  • (Karma over 500)


  • If you write review on, or, your content must contain at least one hyperlink that directs to our product or brand with a picture/screenshot.
  • Write a review containing at least 100 words;
  • Make sure your reviews are not removed;
  • If review sites ask for a product rating, you can give MusicFab a rating of 4 to 5 stars (out of 5).


  • Please ensure your review is based on personal experience; plagiarism or copy is prohibited;
  • The free license is for personal use only. Any distribution of the free license will result in termination of the service;
  • For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us: /contact.htm
  • This activity ends on 2024 December. 31st. The final interpretation rights of this activity belong to MusicFab.