Download Music from YouTube Music to Computers

Are you frustrated by the constant buffering when trying to enjoy songs on YouTube Music? Rest assured, MusicFab YouTube Music Converter is your solution.

This YouTube Music downloader efficiently downloads your favorite tracks from YouTube Music directly to your computer in approximately 10 seconds per song, enabling seamless offline playback without any restrictions.

Support Downloading YouTube Music Videos

YouTube Music’s extensive library of music videos (MVs) positions it as a premier platform for those who appreciate the visual aspects of music.

This YouTube music converter allows you to effortlessly download not only songs but also the rich array of MVs, ensuring you have access to both auditory and visual content.

Output A Diverse Range of Popular Audio Formats

Unlike those free online YouTube music downloaders, MusicFab ensures the preservation of pristine audio quality by downloading songs in their original M4A or OPUS formats.

It also provides the flexibility to convert tracks into MP3, WAV, or FLAC formats. Additionally, it offers customizable output bit rates to cater to your unique audio preferences.

Download Playlists, Albums, Podcasts, and Radio

Unlike typical music recording tools, MusicFab distinguishes itself with an exceptional batch downloading capability, delivering an unparalleled music downloading experience.

This YouTube music downloader offers the convenience of downloading entire playlists, albums, podcasts, and radio programs in one go, significantly streamlining your time management.

Preserve Lyrics and Maintain ID3 Tags During Conversion

MusicFab's YouTube Music downloader adeptly recognizes and retains essential ID3 tags, encompassing track titles, release years, artist names, and other metadata.

In addition, it ensures that song lyrics are meticulously saved in separate .lrc files for your convenience.

Play Downloaded YouTube Music on Any Device

MusicFab skillfully removes the DRM protections on YouTube Music tracks, thereby granting you the freedom to enjoy your music on any device, media player, or DJ app.

This effectively eliminates the device limitations typically imposed by YouTube Music, offering you a seamless listening experience across all platforms.

Advanced Features

Support Free & Premium Plans

YouTube Music presents users with two subscription options: the complimentary Free YouTube Music and the premium YouTube Music Premium.

This YouTube Music Cownloader is versatile, allowing downloads from the platform irrespective of your subscription status.

Remove Ads for Free Users

While the free tier of YouTube Music offers music streaming with ad interruptions, MusicFab’s YouTube music downloader provides a seamless experience by eliminating ads during the conversion or downloading phase.

Inbuilt Web Player

Beyond its primary role of song downloads, this YouTube Music converter boasts an integrated web player.

This means you can effortlessly search, listen to, and download YouTube Music content, all without the need for the official application.

3 Steps to Download Music

Step 1: Start MusicFab and Log into YouTube Music Platform
Double-click to start MusicFab and navigate to the VIP Service section. Select "YouTube Music" and then sign into your account.
Step 2: Locate Your Desired Music and Select Output Format
Search for the YouTube Music playlists/albums/songs and locate the YouTube music you want to download. Click the music and a pop-up window shall show up from which you can choose the output format and quality.
Step 3: Start to Download
Click "Download Now" button to start downloading YouTube Music at a lightning speed. Or click "Add to Queue" to download it later.

System Requirements

Operating System
Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7(32bits & 64bits)
1G Hz processor or above
1GB or higher
Hard Disk
10GB free space or above
Network Connection
Live Internet connection required

Feel Free to Download YouTube Music Now!

Download your favorite YouTube music to MP3/M4A/FLAC/EAC3/Atmos formats for offline playback on any device.

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